What to Expect

Uhm, hi, I guess.

Welcome to my blog. Once you go Mack, you never go back. It’s clever, but it’s a total lie. They all go back.

Recently I wrote two guest posts for my friends, Sassy and Paige. They are actual bloggers and writers etc etc. They both have jobs that involve writing. If you want to read something that’s actually good, check out their blogs.

its fine im fine – Sassy

just pmsing – Paige

If you’re fine with settling for my shit, stay tuned!

My first two posts can be found on both of their sites if you would like to check them out.

My first massage experience:

My First Massage and Facial – As Told by a Dude

The horrors of college roommates:

Ghost of College Roommates Past

If you can’t possibly take this anymore, I get it. Thank u for ur time and peace be with u while u burn in hell for not being a true friend to me.

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