I’ll take Mack’s insecurities for $200 pls

trebekA butterknife

Kirsten Dunst’s personality

Maggie Gyllenhaal

A beach ball

Any of the Kardasians

Ben Stine’s voice

A banana

Joelle Fletcher

A Dane Cook joke

That show about two broke girls


Corporate meetings

Talking about what she wants to talk about

Meeting her parents

A paperclip

The peanut gallery

The number 8

Small talk with the 98yo cashier while ur waiting for ur chip to be read (she was 71 when u started)

Rice cakes

A bald guy’s head


Channing Tatum. Or is that a piece of wood

A Frisbee

Hit tv show the walking dead – especially the last season finale (sry i think its boring af)

Ryan Lochte

Jonah Hill’s jawline. Except when he was fat jonah hill, the way he should be.


What is: Things Sharper than my Jawline?


*these are all notoriously dull or round items did everyone catch onto that the joke is i do not have a sharp attractive jaw that women often desire*

**also does this game show themed post remotely make even a little bit of sense the formatting was hard to get down**

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