F.A.Q: my burning questions before i ignorantly started a blog

tongue typing
literally how i type. i never know what im writing about until i stop shaking

4 score and 7 hours ago i decided it would be a TERRIFIC idea to start a blog. The words TERRIFIC idea has loose definition, much like my physique.

I was nervous about how i would be perceived and how long it would take people to figure out that I’m secretly a mouthbreather (like that gimp Eli Manning) on the inside. I hide it well, but I am very paranoid by nature. Similar to birds (my biggest fear.)

I have two pretty friends (PMS and Sassy) who are actually bloggers and are v professional with their art of writing. I figured it would be wise of me to reach out and get some burning questions answers. They said they’d be happy to help with my blog related q’s, but i should ask my doctor about the burning ones.

I was curious about things like:

  • how to stay motivated
  • when does the crying stop
  • how to promote myself
  • how to bribe for guests posts
  • when would my family stop supporting me
  • how to write code for html
  • where is the PC line for writing jokes
  • how to accept the fact that nobody actually reads this
  • how to keep coming up with fresh and new hot garbage to write about

The profound and completely serious answers to those questions can be found here.

or here

click here too

also right here is a good place to click


good nick typing
also i am v much nick miller ask anyone


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