Sir Winston Marie Ketron Lockridge


Ok so maybe he’s not actually my dog. But I love him as if he was. I’m his adopted father since we never knew his real daddy and his mother was eaten by a coyote when he was just a baba. But Winnie is the best dog I have ever met. I’m scared to actually go get my own dog bc what if they aren’t as good as Winston is?? I can’t return it, it’s not a pair of shorts from old navy.

Sir Winston is his proper name. Winnie for short. Marie is Paige’s middle name. Ketron is his mom’s last name. And of course, Lockridge is my last name. The three most important people in his life who have raised him to be the man he is today.


One time, all the wives went to Las Vegas so KK needed somebody to watch Winston for a few days. I immediately volunteered. I was new to Dallas and didn’t have anything (anyone) else to do.  As soon as I get to Winston’s I take him outside to go doodoo. Then we get in my truck and go for a drive to beer store and buy pizza and beer. IT’S ALREADY TO MOST DUDE WEEKEND EVER. He likes sitting next to me but he so v needy on car rides.

We eat our pizza and beer and it’s a Thursday so I have to wake up early and go to work since my commute is further today. We sleep so good together. He knows when its time to get in bed. I take him for walk in the morning and then I go to work.

loves the rain

After work on Friday, the weekend has officially started. We go on a walk and I grab his toys that I bought him. I BOUGHT HIM TOYS FOR OUR WEEKEND TOGETHER. Numerous balls for fetch (he loves to fetch and nobody ever takes him), I even got him a collapsible water bowl, a Frisbee, a different ball to chew on during the day time, AND for Christmas 2014, I got him shampoo and conditioner and a big box of milk bones.

I took him to play twice a day. Everyone always comments on how beautiful and well behaved he is. And he really is. He’s not even my dog but he listens to me as if he was. I took him to the dog park for the first time and omg you should have seen him. He is so social and nice to everyone. The other dogs love him, the other owners love him. He’s just a blessing to everyone.

he plays hard but also naps v hard

I asked KK if I could watch him a few weeks ago, just because, and he did so great in my little apartment. We went on walks around the community. We met pretty ladies. We played twice a day. Everyone loved him there too. He would get the other dogs to play with him if they were being boring old fuddy duddies. The other dog owners would ask me all about him and I would say “oh he’s not mine, I’m just dog sitting.” But I still know all the answers. I know everything there is to know about him. We can connect with each other like I’ve never been able to do with a human person.

He has a lazy eye kind of. It’s not a full blown lazy eye, more like it’s just on break. But it’s just enough to give him a goofy look on his face. I have a picture of him in my cubicle that provokes everyone to ask me how long ago he died. (I should clarify the picture is black and white and professionally taken thanks to @MissCaylaJordan, contact her for cheap shoots.)


So I put a sign underneath his picture “In loving memory of Winston. He’s not dead, but I like remembering him.”

Some people don’t exactly think that’s funny, but they can eat the corn out of Winston’s nervous soupy turds for all I care. I have over 200 pictures of him on my phone and even several pictures of him framed in the hallway at my apartment. It was the best birthday present I have ever received to this day. The hardest thing about this entire post was narrowing down my favorite pictures of him, but tbh every picture is my favorite picture.

Soon me and KK are going to take a family portrait with him. But we are waiting for fall. Winnie’s coat needs to grow out a little and we need leaves on the ground. I haven’t planned it out at all if you can’t tell.

You think I tell everyone about the wives? I tell even more people about Winnie. I UPDATE A CUSTOMER OF MINE AT WORK ABOUT WINSTON. HE ACTIVELY ASKS ME HOW WINNIE IS DOING. I emailed him pictures one time. It’s not a problem. He isn’t even my dog.

i sent the pic of his new haircut lol

I have a problem with falling in love with other people’s dogs though. It’s been a trend. Boston, a pitbull I slept with the one time I was in Brooklyn. I met him for 3 days once. Best 3 days of my life. Titus, a husky/Australian shepherd mix. His dad was a friend of my roommate’s my last year in college so we would play often. Best two semesters of my life. Then there is Lilly, a mutt named after Lillian Potter. Sophie and Cocoa, two goofy/shithead Dachshunds. Dexter, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and Winston’s best friend. Parker, a Pomeranian mix. And of course, Mr. Sniffles and Lemon. My cousin’s dogs and the neediest roommates I ever had. Both are chihuahua mixes and can be classified as special in their own way. I wonder if they think of me as often as I think of them. I should include Amos and Hope. My first two dogs that I professionally dogsat. Both were old fat labs, 8yo and 12yo respectively. And then there is the 5-6 I fall for each time I go to the dog park. But I never had a real chance with them anyway. I fucking lose my mind if I see a dog when I’m out walking or whatever. I’ll stop my conversation and make anyone I’m with look at it. I gasp and exclaim LOOK AT HIM. But Winston is the best out of all the dogs who aren’t mine. (I know it’s hard to believe but I actually have 3 dogs of my own back home with my parents. But nobody ever knows, they just know about Winston.)

this is mr sniffles btw. miss him

I actually have Winnie as u read this. He was so excited to see me that he peed on my bed within 3mins of being in my apartment. He also gets the nervous poops and went 4 times within the first 3 hours I had him last night. Also, between you and me, I don’t think he sleeps at night. I think he just waits for me to wake up. He moves A LOT during the night and was always ready to play if he sensed me rolling over. I did wake up one time to find that he was my little spoon, that was a nice surprise. I tried to leave for work this morning and he started crying whining HOWLING so I went back inside and talked to him and explained that I’ll be right back. Then on my second time trying to leave for work… I ran. I ran as fast as I could down the hall. I couldn’t bear to hear him howl again. I hope he’s ok. I already have plans for us this evening.

this is prob the prettiest picture ive ever taken

I will leave you with the first edition of my commemorative memoir video of our first weekend together. I present to you: A Winnie Weekend.

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