my hiatus is probably over

all both of you

Sorry for the delay since my last post. But I have been on hiatus until I could think of something to write about. My newest protest in the meantime will be not eating again until Dez catches it.

me still pouting about dem boyz


So I recently (six months ago) bought a bicycle and have only ridden once. It hurts my gooch and is a fixed-gear. So that’s confusing to me because I can’t not pedal. It’s a requirement to pedal and I love not doing stuff. So to help get me motivated to maybe ride it more often I am going to name it. Ya know, try to build a personal bond. BE ONE with the bike. I also read that bicyclers prefer a fixed gear because it makes you feel attached to the bike and at eternal nirvana with the road.


In no particular order:

  • Bichael Scott
  • John Bichael Montgomery
  • Chad Bichael Murray
  • Bike Modano
  • Bike Vick
  • Bichael Jackson
  • Bichael Bluth
  • Bichael Jordan
  • George Bichael Bluth
  • Bike Tyson
  • Bichael J. Fox
  • Bike Wazowski
  • Bike (paul rudd’s character from friends aka crap bag)
  • Bichael Douglas
  • Bike Evans
  • Bike Ditka
  • Bichael Caine
  • Anthony Bichael Hall
  • Bichael Kelso
  • Bichael “Squints” Palledorous
  • Bichael Keaton
  • Bike Jones who I said Bike Jones
  • Bike Sorrentino (aka the situation from jersey shore)
  • Bichael Cera
  • Bichael BublĂ©
  • Bichael Duncan Clarke (rip)
  • Bichael Bolton
  • Bike Will Made It
  • Bichael Scofield
  • Bike D (beastie boys)
  • Bret Bichaels

voting polls close on Tuesday at seven post meridian.


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