Dallas Dating Spreadsheet

dallas night.jpg

Okay, it’s more than that. It’s also just places to go with platonic groups of friends and family. But it started out as strictly my original date spots and is still a majority of date spots. I don’t know why I do this.

I spent more time than I am willing to admit creating this Google sheet. I even downloaded the app on my iPhone so I can continuously update it. This sheet will be forever changing and updating. But here is the May 11th, 2017 version. I have it broken down by neighborhood, drinks, food, and activities. A quick disclaimer before we get started: these are just places and things that I, personally, like and have found. Dallas is massive and I’m sure there is a lot I’m missing! Also, I haven’t included fancy places like Oceanaire, Nick & Sams, or Perry’s because I’m not a Rockefeller and can’t afford $100 steak nights. ANY FOOL CAN FIND A STEAKHOUSE. Behold:




In several of the cells, there is a tiny black tab in the corner. Those are notes about that specific place! A cocktail recommendations, a secret menu option, parking notes, etc.


I would like to suggest that a lot of these go well in pairs. A killer go-to date of mine is to eat at Louie’s pizza and walk down the block to Barcadia afterwards. I’LL EVEN LET YOU BORROW MY LINE. You’re looking deep into her eyes, conversation is coming to a lull, she asks, “Wait, is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you having a good time?” You respond, “…actually, it’s a roll of quarters. Wanna go to the arcade?” If she doesn’t laugh you need to leave her immediately because you are on a date with a cadaver. Let’s try a warm body next time.


I know Louie’s isn’t as big of secret as it used to be, but taking your date to a ~unknown~ place makes her feel special. Even if she’s the 20th girl you’ve taken. I don’t condone using the same spot for multiple dates; I have provided plenty of options to avoid that. But try to make an effort to go places that she hasn’t ever been to. Ideally, places that neither of you have been to. Doing something for the first time together adds to the feeling of the evening.

first time

It’s not hard to think of a cute date. Literally just pick 1 or 2 things about her and boom. She’s from the north and likes burgers? There are like 6 Dr Pepper ice rinks around DFW. Skate a bit and grab a burger and shake afterwards. She a wine snob and into art? Do one of those damn pinot and painting classes and give her tacos after. Take her on a picnic to the arboretum, pack a handmade dessert you know is her favorite. JUST THINK OF ONE THING.

I did my best to keep this short, the substance to this post is in the link above. Anyway, I am alone right now and someone deserves to be going on dates so let me know what you think. Like, revine, share, comment, etc. Suggest some of your favorite places for me to add!

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