I Learned What Love is From a 12yo RNB Singer

The year was 2000. Eight year old Mack had just heard a song that would change his life forever. It was Sammie’s “I Like It”. A kid entering his teenage years already singing about love and I knew that I wanted to be him.

Sammie was so cool. He was athletic. He could sing. He had charisma. All the girls loved him. I wanted to be Sammie. I wanted everyone to cheer for me when I played basketball. The only problem with that part is that I am absolutely horrible at basketball. It’s the one sport I never quite grasped. I mean I love watching the Spurs play and understand it all. But as soon as someone was in my face or you asked me to dribble?? The only think dribbling was the slobber from my lip because I was completely frozen. I’m not 100% incompetent though, I can play horse with the best of them. JUST PLEASE GIVE ME MY SPACE AND ZERO PRESSURE AND I CAN MAKE THE SHOT. I have great shooting form, but I have zero ability to transfer that into motion skills while also holding a basketball. ANYWAY I AM VERY ATHLETIC JUST LIKE SAMMIE AND CAN PLAY ALL OTHER SPORTS PLEASE BELIEVE ME.


This is me when I was like 6 so please imagine me aged 2 years


Back to Sammie, all the girls loved him. He was smooth and suave. Just another thing I craved because I was neither smooth or suave physically or emotionally. I know it might be hard to believe because of how amazing I am with women now, but at one time in my life for about 22 years I was terrified and awkward and women could smell it.


“You smell something, Rabbit?” “……..fear.”


But the way he talked about this one girl in particular made me believe in love. You can hear it in his voice, he actually has that feeling for this girl. It’s not just a song, this is his life and he is showing this girl just how much she means to him. I wanted that. I still want that. I learned what love is from a 12yo. He is already singing about wanting to stay with her forever. AT TWELVE. He wants the rest of his life to start as soon as possible!! That’s love. That’s the love everybody deserves.


I think I am gonna be Sammie for Halloween this year


This is back when songs were about something. They told a story. This is how songs are meant to be. Another great example of this is Craig David’s “7 Days”. Man, what a song. THIS IS A SONG. RELEASED THE SAME YEAR AS I LIKE IT. THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED.




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