Mack’s gift buying guide


pull yourself together


christmas is almost here and it’s time to really nail that gift for whoever it may be. Parents, loved ones, side chicks, platonic friends, that girl you met once (yes ive done that…) I can do it all. And I’m gonna tell you how easy it is.

First thing is first. you need to have an etsy account that is the only website you ever need. please catch up on additional etsy advice here.

thats all folks

ok that’s all i have thanks for your undivided attention it’s the only thing you need to know when buying a gift is to use etsy dot com.

ok I am teasing but listen. I honestly do probably buy about 95% of my gifts from here. Cards, too. PLAN AHEAD! all the good cards come from England and it takes about 3-4 weeks to receive them. Just trust me.

For an example, I will walk you through the process for my most recent gift buying experience. Shoutout to Erika. Hope you’re cool with everyone knowing about us.

This is my entire thought process alright, it might be a little too sentimental for some people, but take it for what you will. This is a suggestion guide, not a rule book.

Erika turned 25 years old last week. She just moved to a new city recently and is getting acclimated to the life. We went to college together so we first met about 6 years ago or so. And one thing we used to do together is sometimes at the end of the day she would come over to my crusty dorm room and we would talk about our days and eat pb&j’s on my bed. I know it doesn’t sound like a riveting time or anything but it was a weeknight in lubbock texas what do you expect.

Monsters University

I used a food for my gift. But you can do anything! Just think of one thing your recipient likes. A favorite food, band, movie, tv show, animal, sports team, city, celebrity, meme… ONE THING ABOUT THEM and then type that word + gifts.

Keeping that in mind, i typed in “peanut butter gifts” in the etsy search bar. boom. ok wow there are thousands of gifts to choose from. Now just scroll until you find something. Oh would you look at that, a tiny keychain with a pb&j on it. I should get that for her so that when she’s on her 2hr commute she can look at it if she gets sad or something (not that she is sad on a commute, but you get what I’m saying. how sweet is that) *add to cart*

ok what else can we get? I also prefer to do gifts as bundles. This is a personal choice of mine, but a great suggestion. Oh would you also look at that, a pair of socks. One jif, one smuckers. She gets cold easily so this would also be a good gift for her. *add to cart*

Ah yes, the card. Some people don’t like to do cards, but I find them very important. I don’t care if they cost $6 and you think it’s a waste of money. ONE MORE DETAIL ABOUT ME AND E. is anyone familiar with that 50 cent song called 21 questions? we used to love it. Oh my gosh is that a birthday card that says “i love you like a fat kid loves cake”???? we would say that line to each other all the time. (i’ll write the second half to the lyric on the inside) *add to cart*

do you see how easy that was? all on one website. and for less than $35 total. that includes shipping the card from England. SORRY I SAID HOW MUCH I SPENT ON YOUR GIFTS, ERIKA. but I am just providing context.

ok now just wrap it up. Even though I am shipping this to her. I always use the basic brown kraft paper. It works well for any occasion. Christmas, birthdays, day light savings.. it’s always a good time of year for it. I do take it one step further though. I have a stamp set and hand stamp the recipient’s name on the outside. all lowercase. it’s pretty fucking chic I gotta say. PRESENTATION MATTERS.

Just to recap: we would eat pb&j’s in college. I got a pb&j keychain to remind her of me if she is lonely/sad/whatever, and a pair of pb&j socks bc she gets cold in chicago. And then the card with 50 cents lyrics. man she’s gonna shit when she opens it.


So yeah, there it is. Somewhat of a guide to how I buy gifts for people. I am good at it. Ask anybody about the last thing I got them. I don’t always know how to use my words when declaring my love.

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