I’m in love with my friend’s sister and it’s not going well

We just had our two year anniversary in early November. I remember the night so well. It was at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Tx. A suburb outside Dallas. I was there with my cousin and some friends. And then I see her. At least I think that’s her?

I text Paige (her sister) “hey where is bb right now?” Paige thinks it’s weird but answers the question anyway. “uhm, she’s on a girls’ night out. why”

“I think I see her. See if she’s at the Gaylord.” – me

“omg she is. go say hi” – paige

It took me 40 mins to go say hi but it was totally worth it.

this is screenshot of BB and Paige texting that night. and it has been the header on my twitter ever since.

She was so sweet to me and always has been. SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MANDY MOORE, TOO. So when I’m watching ABC’s #1 Hit Drama “This is Us”. I can’t help but picture BB as Rebecca and me as Jack. And that one day I’ll give her a walk to remember. That joke was a total stretch but I meant it as her walk down the aisle towards me on our wedding day.



this. this is the day my life changed.
this is me and kassidy texting. kassidy works with bb. and i forgot what this was about but the important part is ‘she likes you’ and ‘youre really funny’


another screenshot from paige’s phone. bb is talking about a bad date she was on and paige says I can do better. but bb is still too shy and brushes it away


this is bb and i texting directly to each other. Her cat’s name is boo but i used the opportunity to suggest that we are calling each other “boo”. i wish i had more of this conversation saved


i tested out this line on every woman in my life before i sent this to her and this is was a complete lackluster response that took the wind out of my sails


UNTIL THIS CONVERSATION. wow what a heated exchange


ok so this is the amazing gift basket i did for our first christmas together. It may not look like much, but I attached a note with the meaning of each gift.


am i the sweetest or am i a lunatic who knows


ok this is her actually making an effort to humor me and i completely muffed it


continued conversation still not going well but then i try to get the actual date and get shot down and overreact (at the time, june was 5 months away)


one time i went to dinner with her parents and hinted i would pay for her dinner sometime. TBH one of my better attempts



LOOK AT THIS. she is proud of this craft I made and didn’t correct me when i said “our loveseat”. SHE PLAYS SO NICE.


this really isn’t that special but LOOK AT THAT DOUBLE KISS EMOJI


we were both asked to attend a comedy show one time and i knew she would be there. so i took the opportunity to call it a date. SHE IS SO NICE.


totally random but this is just a tweet that reminds me that i love when she wears glasses


oh right. she is the date to our friend’s wedding lol. i need to learn to dance asap


ok one time she took dog filter pics with cayla and it was the greatest thing i have ever seen and no it wasn’t REALLY my background i just did this for the screenshot


our second anniversary gift. man that woman can pound some oreos and it’s a thing of beauty. i said “one day i’ll be able to afford a real one for you” and in her card i wrote “you’ll always be a fire I can’t put out”


This one was for her birthday this year. It’s a tiny message in a bottle that I get from Spain lol. “you are my bucket list”


paige tweeting that she noticed me complimenting bb yet again. probably mildly annoyed.


if anyone as seen the last episode of stranger things season 2


bb thinks im cute but just wishes I was older. those words have legit come out of her mouth


me after a few drinks that one time bb went out on a thrusday night to deep ellum with us. literally the best night of my life


i did not think she would actually show up but we have an open relationship. only she is seeing other people though

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